On Thu, Jan 26, 2023 at 04:06:01AM +0000 I heard the voice of
a.slo...@bham.ac.uk, and lo! it spake thus:
> There is a version of ctwm for Ubuntu users and I have fetched and
> installed it using the standard apt-get install Ubuntu mechanism.
> (Someone mentioned that it is not the latest CTWM, but as long as I
> can get any version working I can make progress from there.)

Ubuntu doesn't itself do anything with ctwm AFAIK, just inherits it
from Debian.  And up through 22.04, it's got the ancient Debian
version (3.7, from 2005).  Debian has updated it to 4.0.3 last spring
in 12 though, so it looks like 22.10 and forward have inherited that
at least.



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