RECAP: for many years I used ctwm on fedora, but had to abandon fedora after
zoom stopped working on it, then soon after that audio output also stopped
working, because of a decision to switch from pulse to pipewire, which I could
not get to work on my machine.

[There are many online complaints about recent changes to fedora, although it
seems that some users have managed to live with the changes. I tried copying
some of their solutions without success.]

I tried other alternatives including CentOS and then the very latest version of
fedora, but was not able to get audio working, so I didn't bother trying zoom.

A colleague [copied this message Bcc] who has used Ubuntu for some time
suggested I try Ubuntu instead. I now have Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS running (with many
updates installed after I got it working), but its user interface (with
everything mamaged in a single messy window) is dreadful, and I wish to
get ctwm working again.

[Audio works again: e.g. BBC TV news in firefox worked first time. I did not
have to do anything to make it work. I assume zoom will also work, either
stand-alone or run in firefox, but have not tried it yet.]

One side effect of all that is that I have several different partitions on my
machine with different operating systems. I'll later delete most of them, but
for now I don't want to risk losing important information.

There is a version of ctwm for Ubuntu users and I have fetched and installed it
using the standard apt-get install Ubuntu mechanism.

(Someone mentioned that it is not the latest CTWM, but as long as I can get any
version working I can make progress from there.)

But I have not been able to work out how to switch to using it, preferably with
my old .ctwmrc configuration (12 desktops, in 3 rows of four desktops), which
I've used for many years.

I've put my old .ctwmrc script in place (it defines a preferred layout and a
collection of menus and keyboard shortcuts), but would be happy if I could even
get a minimal ctwm going with just two or three windows, for a start!
So far it is ignored by the login process.

If anyone on this list has got CTWM+Ubuntu going I'll be grateful for
information about configuration details. If you wish, reply only to me, to save
clutter on this list (unless anyone else wants to see the details):

I am writing this remotely logged in to my university (bham) account, but I can
fetch an attachment to install at home, if necessary.

(I would also like to be able to restore the changes I made to keyboard
functions, namely swapping CapsLock with Ctrl and swapping Esc with `, but those
changes are not as urgent as getting multiple virtual desktops going.)



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