a.slo...@bham.ac.uk said on Tue, 31 Jan 2023 17:14:57 GMT

>I then installed the most recent version of ctwm available via the
>ubuntu library system, and copied .ctwmrc from my old PC and also the
>file to go into the xsessions library.
>But any attempt to start ctwm fails.


>It lists available options, and that isn't one of them
>If I type
>    ctwm -cfgchk
>I get (copying from one screen to another on a different machine):
>    m4:stdin:166 cannot undivert `/etc/x11/ctwm/menudefs.hook': No
> such file or directory No errors found
>I wonder whether this is evidence that the file structure is again
>Do I have any alternative to running gparted on a usb stick, and using
>it to remove one of the /boot directories (which one: HDD or SSD?) and
>then try running the bios-fixing program again, and then try to boot
>the installed Ubuntu, or failing that, as a last resort create a new
>version of Ubuntu?

No, no, no, no and NO! Don't redo your boot, you've done enough scary
things already. If you're running X from the command prompt, just
comment out the standard Ubuntu desktop in ~/.xinitrc and replace with
the command to start ctwm. If your computer boots directly to X, do the
same thing in file ~/.xsession.

If what I suggest *doesn't* work, please post the error message.



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