This is a message so that you don't lose hope quite yet.

I've mailed directly to Claude saying that I was *thinking* about take
up the challenge of bringing CTWM further.

I'm still thinking, and I must weigh in the needs of other projects
(I'm one of the developpers pf OpenSSL, and probably one of the more
active ones) and family.

I must say that the offers of pay are quite encouraging, and if that
is a reality (I'm sorry, I don't mean to be suspicious, it's just that
I've never been payed for freeware work before. so I'm stumbling a
bit, and I need to be a little cautious), working on CTWM will most
probably be a reality for me.

As I'm writing, I'm thinking I need to get the picture, so I think
I'll ask Claude to send me all versions he has a copy of (I want to
make sure I have as much history as I can), or point at a URL, and I'd
like to get all proposed patches he has available.  I'll go back into
my mail archive and reread all I can so I can see the development as
it has been going on the last year or so (I've been very much a
lurker).  After that, I'll set up a CVS repository with all those
versions and we'll go from there.  I'm thinking I could do
maintainance for a while to kind of feel it out.  If I still like it
in, say, half a year, I'll keep the "job", otherwise, I'll reassess
the situation at that time.

Claude, does that sound like a plan?  What say the rest on this list?

As for a home, I will hopefully have something set up today...  If
not, I might take up the offer from whoever that was, at least for a

In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on Wed, 15 Jan 2003 21:41:42 
-0500, Michael George <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

george> I'm sure CTWM will be find to use as-is for some time to come.
george> However, with the increase in GNOME and KDE apps and their
george> desire for more functionality on the desktop, ctwm will become
george> obsolete someday.

Can I find out what those demands are from earlier mail, or can anyone
give me a recap?

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