Michael George <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Does anyone here know of an approximate replacement for ctwm?  With mult
> desktops, not just a big virtual desktop, with the .twmrc-like config file,
> etc...?

After ctwm, I've used fvwm2 and Sawfish.  Both have a quite different
config file syntax.  Sawfish is nice because it's very configurable.
Arguably, good configurability is a strong point of ctwm.

People also might like to investigate more esoteric window
managers -- just to broaden the horizon perhaps.  There is Ion which
partitions the screen into nonoverlapping frames, and there is larswm
which can position windows automatically (such that the most
important window is biggest), and then there is ratpoison which
provides an Emacs-like split-window interface (like C-x 2 and C-x 3
in Emacs).  I've also stumbled across nwm (not a window manager)
which can be used to enhance the capabilities of a lesser window
manager.  (Though KDE is too stubborn :-()

Ambibibentists unite!

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