pang tee wrote:

Can someone make this 3D ball bounce at the click of a button and after 2 seconds stop the ball in mid air and make a random number appear on the face of the ball while the ball becomes bigger?/nearer to the screen? Thanks.

*/pang tee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>/* wrote:

    Is there any way to create bouncing balls in Curl?

See my attached applet for part of what you want to do. You could substitute an image of a ball instead of the image I used.

I looked at the documentation and it seems sphere is used to distort
    a picture or input.
Seems easier for me to just to used flash... is it correct?

Many animations are probably easier to do with Flash than with Curl's current 

-- Duke

GIF image

{curl 4.0 applet}
{curl-file-attributes character-encoding = "windows-latin-1"}
    {compiler-directives careful? = true}

{let c1:Canvas =
    {Canvas width = 6in, height = 5in, border-width = 1pt, background = "yellow"}
{value c1}

{let message:EllipseGraphic = 
        fill-color = {url "control-panel-logo.gif"},
        height = 1in, width = 1in

{let overlay:OverlayBox = 
        {Frame valign = "center", message},
        {Frame valign = "center",
            height = 1in,
            {huge color = "red",
                Lucky Number!}

    let start-x:Distance = 2in, start-y:Distance = 1in
    {c1.add x = start-x, y = start-y, overlay}
    let start-time:DateTime = {DateTime}
    let drop-time:Time = 3s
    {overlay.animate frequency = 60fps,
        {on TimerEvent do
            let elapsed-time:Time = {start-time.elapsed}
            let t:Time = {abs (elapsed-time mod drop-time*2) - drop-time}
            let y:Distance =  start-y + 0.5 * 2(cm/s^2)*(t * t) 
            {c1.move-to-xy overlay, start-x, y}

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