2016-09-21 3:33 GMT+03:00 juan <juan....@gmail.com>:

> *1. first knockout of xorcist:*
> was from Razer.
> __
> *2. **second knockout of xorcist:*
>         from Juan:
> Let's put it another way :
>         There are 'benefits' to being a corrupt lapdog who goes along
>         with whatever corrupt nonsense is currently fashionable. So? Is
>         that what you (xorc...@sigaint.org) advocate? If that's not what
> you advocate, what's
>         the point of bringing it up? Is your point that I 'should'
>         'suck it up' and keep quiet, don't rock the boat, or what?
> __
> *3. Third knockout of xorcist:​*
> from Juan:
> xorc...@sigaint.org wrote:
> > Indeed, even after they were
> > FREED, many slaves stayed with their former masters, and worked as
> > paid laborers. That's a fact. So they certainly wanted to be there,
> > probably even AS SLAVES.
>         lol...Not only a moral relativist, also a slavery apologist.
>         You know, the moment you started whining about off topic
>         posts and how people in this list were such experts on
>         "abuses of power" I knew what to expect from the likes of you...

Oh... what a deadly punch/es, Juan! (one of)
The poor new CIA troll xorcist (substituting the SDW guy) starts to
understand why his fellow man (SDW) failed on the list with his cheap
US/antihuman pseudophilosophical propaganda.

Lets see whom they will send next.

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