> 2016-09-21 3:33 GMT+03:00 juan <juan....@gmail.com>:
> Oh... what a deadly punch/es, Juan! (one of)
> The poor new CIA troll xorcist (substituting the SDW guy) starts to
> understand why his fellow man (SDW) failed on the list with his cheap
> US/antihuman pseudophilosophical propaganda.
> :P
> Lets see whom they will send next.

I absolutely love it when you nutters call me CIA or some shit. Fucking

See, now THIS is what I mean when I said I'm here for the lulz..

Let me guess, whenever you see a black van on the highway you think 'they'
are following you, right?

Wait wait.. no, no.. they only use black vans in the movies, right? In
real life they use WHITE vans. Yeah, thats the ticket.


fucken hell..

Dude, if I was CIA, I'm sure I'd have a lot better things to do than argue
with you fucking assholes. And if they dont, then that sure as hell
explains the recent god damn bombings and shit for the last few decades,
don't it?

In fact, I'm not EVEN CIA, and I have a lot better things to do. I'm burnt
out lately, so I've been slacking.

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