2016-09-21 7:55 GMT+03:00 <xorc...@sigaint.org>:

> 1. I act as mentor for some cognitively disabled adults. Mostly in the way
> of
> helping them find coping strategies for their difficulties. Providing a
> measure of friendship and companionship
> 2. I do this on top of my day job, which is in cloud infrastructure type
> shit.
> 3. As a hobby, try to find time to program, keep my skills up somewhat.
> In the past, I've designed deniable encryption protocols, and implemented
> tools to do it.

oh oh oh... so much private information.... and WHAT an information.... we
should start LAving you, xorcist. Just lAving you!!! What a holy man we got
on the list... on day three he opens his hEAAAArt in front of all of us.
Come on, cia dude. Cut of your bullshit. You are not gonna buy followers by
acting like that.

xorcist to Juan:
> i hit the nerv

Yeah, xorcist! Yeah! That's why you are on this list - hitting the "nerves"
and trying to brainwash people. Well, there were much better attempts
before you, fucker. We got a vast experience and great Hearts and Minds. So
you are not gonna succeed. There are Invincible GUARDS here on the list for
suckers like you. Zenaan and Juan are their names.
So just DIS-appear exactly the way you appeared here.
that's the only way for you.

However, i know that you won't (in the near future), 'cause your masters
won't let you. So, we will enjoy a few more knockouts for you.

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