> oh oh oh... so much private information.... and WHAT an information.... we
> should start LAving you, xorcist. Just lAving you!!! What a holy man we
> got

Private? Fuck you're paranoid.

I don't consider what I do for a living, or otherwise, private. My name,
location, who I date.. those things are private.

I didn't offer the info. In fact, I tried to ignore the question. But I
was asked. So I answered.

Within reason I'm an open book. I'm no holy man, either.

I'm neither am I a petulant child.

> Yeah, xorcist! Yeah! That's why you are on this list - hitting the
> "nerves" and trying to brainwash people.

Yup, that's what I'm doing. Trying to brainwash people.

Let me tell you something. If I were trying to brainwash people, I
wouldn't be fucking around on an internet list. I'd probably try starting
some type of religious cult. But it would have to face to face.. person to
person.. brainwashing is fundamentally about person-to-person interaction,
cult of personality type shit.

Text communication, but its nature, isn't really susceptible to that.

> So you are not gonna succeed. There are Invincible GUARDS here on the list
> for suckers like you. Zenaan and Juan are their names.

This is quite interesting to me. So, if I disagree with the Invincible
Guard Juan on some things, then I'm a CIA enemy.

That sounds quite like some of the most unbelievable brainwashing I've
ever heard. I mean, it fits the bill.

Disagree with the all-powerful, invincible leader, and you're the enemy. A
shadowy enemy, who can't be trusted at all. Satan's henchman, and such.

Fuck maybe I'm wrong about the brainwashing with text. Juan, I know you're
good at dissecting text, but I didn't realize you were THAT good.

Kudos. Keep these nutters on list and distracted with cross-posted news
sources. Better than letting them roam the streets.

Razer, Juan.. I sincerely apologize. I thought you guys were just posting
bullshit. I had no idea you were performing a public service.

My bad, dudes.

> However, i know that you won't (in the near future), 'cause your masters
> won't let you. So, we will enjoy a few more knockouts for you.

Riight. More self-supporting paranoia. Here's the beauty of your delusion:

If I chose to leave the list, then I'd have done so because I got found
out as CIA.

If I don't choose to leave, then its because my CIA masters won't let me.


You know, there is a principle of logic -- one that Juan would probably be
able to tell you about, if you care to listen -- that a position that has
no criteria which COULD refute it, is necessarily illogical.

Meh.. whatever.. you're out of the depth, guy.

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