On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 08:28:29AM +0300, Александр wrote:
> you are not gonna succeed. There are Invincible GUARDS here on the list for

Ahem. :

1) At best, holding an intention for righteousness, truth, "a better
   future" or whatever floats your boat, is something we can strive for.

2) No matter who you are, I hope you try to live your own interpretation
   of your own good intentions.

3) xorcist - thank you for bringing some quite interesting highlights or
   "food for thought"; - - perhaps we can be grateful when folks bring
   any attempt at a constructive discussion.

It is far too easy to leap onto a conspiratorial bandwagon, and who
knows where any individual's heart will take them, even --regardless--
of who they work for.

Manning worked for the US army/DIA or whatever, for example!

Snowden worked for a US TLA.

And some folks who sound initially sophisticated and competent, may not
be quite as competent at particular conversations as we or they may
like.  I know all too well the embarassment that an "intellectual wanna
be" can feel when putting themselves out publicly.

We are human. Let's be at least a little forgiving of each other's
human-ness. And enjoy a good joust, by all means.

Regards all,

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