>> Show me the Law(s) that makes it so.
> Guns make it so. Law enforcement owns about 99.9% of all the military
> style weaponry.
> We tried voting.
> We tried protesting.

1) The protesting you've tried hasn't utilized the strategy of law,
only appeals to emotions.
2) The government still relies on money from its citizens, if people
don't give it money it won't be able to pay its military to shoot its
own citizens, or buy the bullets in which to shoot
3) There is the DSM from psychiatry in which you can CLINICALLY
diagnose America with several pathologies.  This is enough to win a
court case about giving money to the federal government.

Anyway, you apparently still haven't thought about what I linked to
you.  It gets very tiring re-explaining myself (I've been assaulted
four times already by the Establishment and abandoned those who are
perfectly content with their coffee-shop lives).


> This is a reasonable time to start with the armed insurrection stuff.
> Your puny AK-47 is useless. So, we need to have at least some of our
> volunteer resistance show up with Stinger missiles, some anti-aircraft
> batteries, maybe a submarine or two?
> Oh, you can't afford that?

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