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> AK47's are useless?
> The Afghani's repelled the Soviets with manual-action rifles from WWI
> and WWIi.

They were bloody well fed anti tank and anti aircraft rpgs and the like
by the USA - that's how they took down the USSR occupation.

> Then took their AK47's and repelled NATO.

Your simplification may be useful to inspire, but more research by the
wanna be AK47 wielder is most definitely required!

> And the Taliban is still there.
> So I think they'd take exception with this.
> But there are good points to it. The ability for insurrection is largely
> overstated.

I agree.

> But nothing is impossible if you're willing to die.

The main problem is, that folks couch or frame the discussion from the
dominant Western mindset - the individual or small group (think WACO)
that desperately and futilely tries to hold out against the whole

That lacks intelligence.

That lacks foresight.

That lacks strategic planning, and sensible targets for "those on my
side willing to wield an AK47" prior to actually launching your

always try to infiltrate, demonstrate and thereafter express authority,
and finally cause your insurrection to launch waay too early, well
before you have any chance of succeeding.

      THINK !!!

      Handle (banish!) from your core, those who evidently compromise
      your intentions.

<sneaky half smile>

And of course, to maximise recruitment (of counter insurrectionists),
speak loudly and brashly in the most public way you can, with no thought
for subtlety and strategy.

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