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> They were bloody well fed anti tank and anti aircraft rpgs and the like
> by the USA - that's how they took down the USSR occupation.
>> Then took their AK47's and repelled NATO.
> Your simplification may be useful to inspire, but more research by the
> wanna be AK47 wielder is most definitely required!

You really might want to look into this yourself.

Western military analysts tend to see the introduction of the Stinger
missles as the "turning point" in the war.

Russian analysts see the decision much differently. Gorbachev had ordered
the scale-down, and withdrawal a full year before the Afghans fired their
first Stinger.

And of course, no one was feeding them artillery during the invasion by NATO.

But, in a way, you're right. It wasn't REALLY the rifle's that let them
win. It was the mountains.

Nevertheless, given the proper conditions and terrain it is not difficult
to mitigate tanks and aircraft. It is not difficult to arrange a situation
where an army needs to walk in, on foot.

And once you get them to that point, it's all about the rifles.

I don't know exactly what the terrain is like in some of the U.S. mountain
areas, but I'm sure there are suitable areas. But it doesn't even matter.

If you have the bodies? Grab rifles, walk into New York and D.C., and
squat them. Tanks and aircraft are useless. They aren't going to use
artillery on Manhattan or D.C. Three thousand or so "tourists" show up
over the course of 6-8 months in each city. There are abandoned subway
tunnels in NY might get overlooked. You'd need access to some hardware to
break in, but if you can manage something like this, that is trivial.
There may be something similar in DC.

The problem isn't that artillery and aircraft are too difficult to avoid,
and mitigate. Its that the people are too weak. Big difference.

And in any civil war scenario, its quite likely you'll gain anti-aircraft
missles, artillery, etc, very early. It is always likely that you'll
inspire at least a partial military coup.

> always try to infiltrate, demonstrate and thereafter express authority,
> and finally cause your insurrection to launch waay too early, well
> before you have any chance of succeeding.

I don't know the whole story, but I read awhile back about some situation
or another in the States where militias had a stand off with the Federal
government, and the government stood down?

If this is true, its a serious indication that the United States
government is greatly weakening. Considering its importance to the west,
generally, its good news all around.

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