On Oct 14, 2016 4:22 PM, "Razer" <ray...@riseup.net> wrote:
> Someone sending me "I want to bury my face in your lap and smell your
aroma or I'll commit suicide" <snip>

Hahaha!!!  Sorry, the idea is pretty fun.  "Or you let me bury my face in
your lap, or I'll commit suicide!"  Hahaha!!!  It's a direct threat much
better than yours, baby!  Hahaha!!!  ;D

Considering that my face is in Sao Paulo and your astonishing odorous lap
is in New York, it would not be very practical, Razer, hahaha!!!  ;D

Hey, please, may you make me a favour?  Stop creating fake accounts to
annoy me, saying bullshit and to leave the list.  Cyber bullying is very
childish.  Please, spend your free time in something more useful, more
constructive to the world.

It was interesting to discover today that you are _NOT_ able of compassion
and kindness when you see someone suffering.  Talking about Human Rights on
a mailing list or twitter is very easy.  Being really human is not, Razer.
Very contraditory talking so much about Human Rights and say to a person
dies, asking them to suicide, right after humiliating them in public
several times.  It's cruel.

Someday, I certainly will die, but not because I didn't buried my face in
your lap, hahaha!!!  ;D

Take care, fool guy.  Kisses in your fabulous yummy lap, hahaha!!!  ;D

Ceci, the pervert who attacks male laps...  Run to the mountains, all the
men with delicious manly musky laps!  :D

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