On 10/14/2016 10:09 AM, Shawn K. Quinn wrote:
> Reposting email clearly intended to be private

Spam mail is intended to be private too. So I shouldn't pass that info
on to a sysadmin or other person who might be spammed due to, let's say,
hijacked address book?


I did not request the emails, I did not originate the conversations at
any point. I attempted to SEVERELY DISSUADE THE PERSON from sending
them. Suicide threats from someone I don't know?

Fuck that. Go kill yourself. There are people trying desperately to live
and dying for no good reason and I'm going to worry about unsolicited
suicide notes from someone I don't even know?

Maybe I should feel sorry for that esquire from Nigeria who wants to
deposit money in my bank account because he's being hounded by his
government too?

Your idea of "Private" is perverse and dysfunctional. "She" ('her'
recent spew before subsiding was very masculine in nature) has been
sending this garbage to a few other UNWILLING RECIPIENTS whose emails
she only knows because this list is so fucking unsecured it passes your
email on to... whomever. Spam email harvesters etc.

I've violated NO ONE'S privacy.

Hugs and kisses... I'd like to be in your lap right now...



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