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>> Just to add to the discussion if we're busy justifying our existence
>> to the whiners...
>> A while back there was an active discussion of open source hardware
>> and 'openfabs' (I took part in that too). But more recently (although
>> not quite meeting the openfab ideal) a cool little piece of open
>> source hardware appeared based on the RISC V instruction set...
>> https://www.sifive.com/
>> Feel free to discuss, whiners are invited too :P
>       https://www.crowdsupply.com/onchip/open-v
>       http://www.onchipuis.io/index.html
>       these people are from colombia. That's...unexpected =)

The problem with all the open source IC stuff open fabs etc is, as I understand 
it, it's dogshit slow compared to our unvetted back doored Intel & friends.

But, surely it's the future (if there is a future). As printers get better and 
better... democratization of the silicon.  Anyone will be able to fab up 
whatever shit they need at home or at shop down the road. 

Gibson's the Peripheral has an interesting near future like this.

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