some time ago I noticed that the JPGs from my Nikon were better then what I could achieve from processing the RAW-file (NEF) in Darktable. After some digging on the Internet, I figured out I could use an alternative to the default base-curves in Darktable - and that made me get a better starting-point when processing my Nikon RAW-files (and I was able to achieve a better image than the JPGs from my camera!)

Today I finished a step-by-step video of what I did, so anyone can see, learn and perhaps do it themselves.

Some notes before viewing:
- I am not really sure behind the technology behind this. I am not sure if a Nikon RAW-file has a profile embedded, but it seems so.
- I am not sure if there is an other way to achieve this is Darktable?
- As explained in the video, you will need Windows, or a friends laptop with Windows, once, to make this work.
- My native language is not English :-)


Enjoy :-)

Best regards,
Vidar Hoel
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