I had 3.19; modifying my mirror-list showed that my selected mirror was out of date (2nd time this has happened recently; there seems to be a problem with arch mirrors in Canada). An update has installed 3.22 and a minor upgrade to Darktable and now indeed the dialog works. Given the prevalence of this bug (see responses to my post, see bug report) however it might be a good idea to make the workaroung more widely known. Thank you!


Le 2016-10-16 à 10:53, Tobias Ellinghaus a écrit :
Am Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2016, 10:27:08 CEST schrieb Normand Fortier:
Using your solution I finally was able to import... May I suggest
including this text (or something to the same effect) to the Darktable
manual, section (Importing from a connected camera), sub-section
"Import from camera":

For me selecting images with the mouse works fine. What version of gtk3 do you
have installed?



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