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> Ok.. i understood.
> Thanks to everyone!
> Maybe darktable is not the suitable tool for you.
Darktable is basically a raw processor: it get a raw and, after processing,
you can get an image that suits your taste/needs.
If you are happy with the way the camera process the files, so you can
shoot in jpeg and then use a picture editor to add some effets or
processing with the jpeg as a basis. In this case, GIMP is your tool.

But shooting jpeg will be quickly frustrating: burnt sky, incorrect white
balance, inadequate local contrast and many other things.

I suppose you can shoot in raw+jpeg. So, if you are not short in storage,
you can do so. So you get the manufacturer interpretation of the image (the
jpeg) and you keep the raw for further improvement... later maybe.

If you want to have an idea of what the raw looks like, click "Original" in
darktable. And you will se a very dull, smooth, and flat image. The initial
default modules are only to have a basic image. With no curve, it is too
flat, with no sharpening, it is too smooth, and the orientation is to avoid
you to get s stiff neck if the picture is in portrait mode :)


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