On Sun, 08 Apr 2018 11:38:39 +0200
Tobias Ellinghaus <m...@houz.org> wrote:

> While I have no experience with the eye-fi
> cards I do have a Transcend WiFi card. I use
> small script that checks the card for newly
> added files every (few) seconds via its web
> api and downloads them into a configurable
> folder.

I have no experience with any of these cards
neither. The reason I opted for eyefi was that
Nikon allows to activate and deactivate this in
the menus. So I was worried, buying another
brand might give me no chance to activate it at
all. Maybe you could help me out of my
ignorance in this point.

Would you care to show us this first script too?
It might give a hint about what is involved to
communicate with that card (which seems rather
complex with eye-fi, because everything is
stashed). A first reply to my question this
morning gave an interesting pointer to eyefi
config, which I'm still looking at.

Maybe you could even tell us an estimate for
the effective transfer rate.

> Then there is a second script [0]
> running that watches that folder and imports
> newly added files into a running darktable.
> Quite crude and with lots of potential for
> optimizations, but it kind of works. For speed
> reasons I only fetch JPEGs over the air so I
> have to remember to tell my camera to shoot
> both.

One less problem. Thanks.
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