Hi Justin,
Bhunaksha (Indian Cadastral Mapping Solution) is the solution that provided 
by central govt for state govt. 
Some states are running this. 

http://nlrmp.nic.in/nlrmpmap/nlrmpmap.html [looks like down]

NCOG (https://ncog.gov.in/) is what central govt is now using for tracking 
They have taluk and village layer. 


On Tuesday, 6 March 2018 22:31:06 UTC+5:30, Justin wrote:
> Thanks Naveen! I just saw this message; I know that site came out a while 
> back, but it seems to be more complete than what I recall. Thanks for 
> sharing!!
> Do you know if any of the maps mentioned in it are available somewhere on 
> the site, or referenced somewhere?
> Thanks!
> Justin 

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