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Hi Ed,


Thanks for copying me on the email. I wish I knew why I can’t get emails from 
the UG. 


The family is all doing well, Robert (the child Marina was pregnant with when 
we first met at your house) turned 5 last week, and on the same day his little 
brother David turned 2. Robert starts school next year (Australian academic 
years run February to December). We moved houses last year to a much bigger 
house in a good location for us but with lots of maintenance issues so our past 
18 months has been spent fixing it up.


I have semi-retired, I have a couple of customers, albeit none using DP, but I 
still yearn for the DataPerfect days.  The software I used at the sporting club 
is no longer in use. I was trying to turn it into a commercial product, but no 
one wanted to pay for it, and then MySpace, Facebook etc came along making team 
communication free, and then free shared calendaring from Google and shared 
document, so other than for a couple of pilot projects my DP project never took 


The website for the sports club I wrote in 2006 is still up and running with DP 
as the backend database, it only got used until 2010.  The part that interacts 
with DataPerfect is written in Flash, so it will not work with Apple, and 
possibly not on some other browsers that have dumped Flash. To try it out go to  select Player InfoCentre. This should pop up a 
Flash window, login with i: B5454 and pw: brian   Everything is DP powered. 
Just browse around, change any field and test it out (preferably don’t change 
the password) . If you change the email to your own and then send a message to 
the team then you will get that message in your email. In the 5 years it was 
running it served hundreds of thousands of operations. Without one single 
issue, I think at its peak I once had 40 simultaneous instances of DP running, 
and since an instance of DP only runs for the length of time for a single 
report is running, I think it equated to about 100+ simultaneous users. 


The site uses Flash at its front end. The site is hosted on a commercial Linux 
based server.  It sends standard HTTP Post operations to various PERL scripts, 
which create synthetic transaction logs, and then starts up an instance of DP 
with the required command line parameters. DP runs the required report with the 
user data and replies with an XML data file. The XML data is returned to the 
Flash front end.  For the HTML version which I was writing, I used the same 
process to send data and invoke DP, and the same reports from DP, and I used an 
XSLT processor at the server end to generate HTML pages for the client. For 
some things I was doing with that site I was directly generating HTML pages. I 
was also experimenting with various templating arrangements, to make it easier, 
much like say a WordPress site would do. 


I created a tutorial for using web enabling DP  It is a little old, 2009, but the 
general techniques would be the same.  


Perhaps you could pass this on to Geert or even the group. I would be really 
pleased if someone found some utility from the work I did.  By the way, I tried 
Firestorm, but I found it too onerous, from memory every time you changed 
anything in a panel you had to modify and recompile the Firestorm C programs. 
In the web enabling changes that Lew created after the Huntington Beach DP 
Conference in 2005, everything was executed using DP Reports, so you could 
freely change the Panels, and as long as the changes weren’t the type that 
would break standard DP reports everything ran the same way.  


I hope your family is well, the boys must be nearly all grown up by now.  Give 
my regards to everyone in the Group.  I might try again to reenrol in the group 
with a different email address, although that is always a pain changing the 
Sender details. 


All the best





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Thanks Bruce, for the info.  I’m not sure it is what I need as it doesn’t seem 
to be real time data.  However, I recall now that our friend Brian Hancock had 
tackled this (or something similar) several years ago.  He mentioned a sometime 
back that he has not been getting emails from the DP group so I am including 
him directly here.


Hi Brian,

I trust all is well with you and family down under?  Still waiting for you guys 
to come around and visit us again in SoCal.

I recall you mentioned you developed a DPweb (application or interface?).  Is 
this still workable today?






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Tony Perez and I used to use the firestorm engine (provided by Lew Bastian) for 
a DP backend. We switched his site over to a CMS-style backend during the 
summer of 2012. After that, whenever he updated his DP database, he ran a 
series of reports to create static HTML pages and then uploaded these to the 
server using FTP, using the technique Geert explains.


The firestorm engine is still available (  <> ) but requires C coding to use. For over a decade, 
Tony's site (  <> ) was powered by it, 
without any known problems. Each kind of HTML page was generated by a different 
CGI program, which used firestorm to get records/fields from a copy of his DP 
database on the server. When he made changes to his database, he sent me a 
transaction log, which I then imported into the server copy his database. It 
even used keep-a-total to count visitors to the various pages.


Best wishes,



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