On 2018-01-23 6:59 AM, John SJ Anderson wrote:
  - The github repository has been disconnected from the shadowcat hosted one, and for 
the time being will act as the "main repo" for upcoming work

Could you please turn on issue submission (it seems to be disabled at the 
moment) and update the repo description to indicate it’s no longer a mirror.

(I’m looking at https://github.com/Perl5/DBIx-Class; I assume that’s the GitHub 
repository you mean.)

That does seem like a strange GitHub username for the DBIC project, it is so generic as if to represent the Perl 5 community in general like it were controlled by The Perl Foundation, but DBIC is the only project there. And yet following the DBIC on CPAN pod website->downloads link eventually reaches that. -- Darren Duncan

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