> On 23Jan2018, at 10:07, Peter Rabbitson <rabbit+d...@rabbit.us> wrote:
> On 01/23/2018 03:59 PM, John SJ Anderson wrote:
>>>  - The github repository has been disconnected from the shadowcat hosted 
>>> one, and for the time being will act as the "main repo" for upcoming work
>> Could you please turn on issue submission (it seems to be disabled at the 
>> moment)
> I vastly prefer to use RT for tickets, as it allows unauthenticated 
> submission: 

I did not intend to argue about whether the chocolate tasted better than the 
peanut butter, or vice versa. 

I misread the "RTs and github PRs” in your original email as implying that 
GitHub would be a valid issue submission route — which, now that I re-read it, 
it does not even imply; my apologies. It was early in my TZ and coffee was 
still working its magic. I was only trying to helpfully point out what I saw as 
an oversight in a process that I assumed had been completed in a hurry. 

>> and update the repo description to indicate it’s no longer a mirror.
> Reworded. Didn't want to impart this is the master-mirror ( even though it 
> temporarily is ), and didn't think of a better wording at the time.

Thanks. To stay on theme, I guess I’ll close with “Alea iacta est”…


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