On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 6:59 AM, John SJ Anderson <geneh...@genehack.org>

> Could you please turn on issue submission (it seems to be disabled at the
> moment
> ​)

​Why? rt.cpan.org is better:
1. that's where all the existing bugs are, so to start creating new issues
in a new location is confusing and disruptive,
2. creating an issue on github requires one to register an account there,
which some perl users have clearly stated they do not want to do,
3. it is not possible to move github issues between queues, whereas RT
supports this as a core feature,
4. rt.cpan.org supports linking to rt.perl.org issues and vice versa.

I use github issues when I have to, but when I have a choice, I *always*
choose RT, even for distributions that I author and maintain solely on my

But regardless of what is chosen, absolutely the canonical repository and
bug queue should be indicated in metadata so metacpan can provide the
appropriate links.
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