Il 28/09/2010 00:00, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> You have two data spaces: DBpedia and Freebase, you should make a third
> -- yours, which I think you have via ookaboo.
> Place the fixed (cleansed) data  in your ookaboo data space, connect the
> coreferenced entities using an "owl:sameAs" relation, scope queries that
> are accuracy sensitive to your ookaboo data space.  Use inference rules
> for union expansion across DBpedia and Freebase via "owl:sameAs", when
> data quality requirements are low and data expanse requirements high.
> That's how you clean up the mess and potentially get compensated for
> doing so, in the process :-)
I think I'm missing something with this approach. If you link, with 
owl:sameAs, a resource with e.g., the corresponding one in DBpedia, and 
the two resources have two different coordinates, it would lead to an 
inconsistency due to the semantics of owl:sameAs, isn't it?
After all, overcoming this problem is one of the reasons for the Okkam 
Project [1].
So, how do you plan to deal with this issue?



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