Il 29/09/2010 10:10, Jens Lehmann ha scritto:
> You can check this by comparing the regular DBpedia and DBpedia Live:
> Indeed, the coordinates have changed, so there was probably an error in
> Wikipedia.

imho I don't think that comparing DBpedia with its live version is the 
solution. In addition to having to double-check each resource, if 
something is different in the live version, it does not mean that surely 
there was an error in the previous version: the error could be in the 
live version.
I remember some time ago, I was looking for the DBpedia live page about 
the programming language PHP, and the abstract reported: "PHP: Problèmes 
d'Hygiène Personnelle". :-) Unfortunately vandalism is quite widespread 
in WIkipedia.
Probably, at least nowadays, there are better datasets than DBpedia that 
offer more accurate geolocation, as you pointed out with LinkedGeoData.

Besides the problem of geographical coordinates, as I mentioned in the 
previous message, I think it's a problem doing "reasoning" on resources 
belonging to two different datasets, linked through owl: sameAs, and 
having inconsistent information. Probably reasoning on Linked Data (I 
mean, not a single dataset) is not yet completely mature.


Roberto Mirizzi
PhD Student at Politecnico di Bari (Italy)

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