On Friday, September 16, 2016 at 1:38:57 AM UTC+5:30, Bruno Turcksin wrote:

> I don't see anything wrong. The output says that your error is zero, 
> are you doing a simple ramp in time? It's very strange that the error 
> is exactly zero. What happens if you just use the default parameters? 
> Does step-52 work correctly? The delta_t_guess is computed around line 
> 715 in include/dealii/base/time_stepping.templates.h You could put a 
> couple of cout there to see what's happening (you will need to 
> recompile deal though) 

The error being exactly zero is indeed intriguing. I'm still looking out 
for the reason why that is happening. I didn't understand what you meant by 
a "ramp in time". Could you please elaborate?

Step-52 works fine, I'm getting exactly the same results as the online 
documentation. I looked at time_stepping.templates.h, I think there is a 
bug around line 730, delta_t_guess should be assigned the value of 
new_delta_t (the coarsened time step) rather than delta_t (old time step).


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