I have a code that is an extension of step-26 with non-homogeneous Neumann 
boundary conditions and zero forcing function, among other changes. Until 
recently I had only actually run the code in 2D, though I have been 
continuing the "dimension independent" programming.

Yesterday I tried running a simple 1D case for the first time. I was 
already using VectorTools::create_boundary_rhs to apply the Neumann 
boundary conditions. Unfortunately I discovered that the 1D implementations 
of create_boundary_rhs all assert that this is an impossible operation in 

Not understanding why this is impossible, I began digging through the code 
a bit and thought I would write my own 1D implementation. I noticed that 
the code in the existing template should work correctly without any 
changes. So instead I simply copied and renamed the template, without the 
implementation asserting impossibility in 1D ( Assert (false, 
ExcImpossibleInDim(1)); ). My first test ran exactly as expected.

deal.II often asserts that something doesn't make sense or is impossible in 
a certain dimension. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't. This is the 
first time that it's just seemed completely wrong to me. What am I missing?

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