Hi all,

I have to use quadratic shape function (Q2 elements) to do my project (2D). 
Previously the code works well with Q1 linear elements, when I want to 
input the gird with Q2 elements generated by Gmsh, it gives the following 

An error occurred in line <1418> of file <../source/grid/grid_in.cc> in 

    void dealii::GridIn<2, 2>::read_msh(std::istream &) [dim = 2, spacedim 
= 2]

The violated condition was: 


The name and call sequence of the exception was:


Additional Information: 

The Element Identifier <8> is not supported in the deal.II library when 
reading meshes in 2 dimensions.

And, it says the supported quad element should have 4 nodes and 4 edges. 
Just want to check whether deal.ii support Q2 elements by Gmsh.

My mesh looks like the following


If deal.ii does not support higher order element by Gmsh, what other format 
is recommended? Thanks!



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