Yes. It then allows non-uniform slicing along z-axis.

Also, I am wondering if you guys are interested in making triangulation 
based on a basic one for repeated structure as shown in the attachment. I 
have to do this for my project but didn't find a function so I did 
something like copy->shifting->merging->extruding (if 3D). I think it would 
be cool to have this in deal.II.

You have any instruction on how to make contribution?


在 2018年4月4日星期三 UTC-7下午1:47:37,Wolfgang Bangerth写道:
> On 04/04/2018 02:40 PM, Weixiong Zheng wrote: 
> > 
> > I found out there is not a function for extruding triangulation by exact 
> > position of cell vertices along z-axis. So I wrote a piece of code by 
> > modifying 
> > | 
> > GridGenerator::extrude_triangulation. 
> > | 
> > The attachment is an example of what it does. 
> > 
> > Did for my own needs. Just wonder if I can contribute to deal.II with 
> > this super trivial work. Never mind if it's too trivial to put it in 
> > deal.II or someone else if already doing similar work. 
> Any contribution is much appreciated! 
> If I understand correctly, you just generalize the second and third 
> arguments of the existing function 
>    void 
>    extrude_triangulation (const Triangulation<2, 2> &input, 
>                           const unsigned int         n_slices, 
>                           const double               height, 
>                           Triangulation<3,3>        &result); 
> ? I can totally see how that makes sense! 
> Best 
>   W. 
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