[Mike Gabriel]
> Andreas mentioned an earlier discussion that meta packages should not
> have packages under Depends:, only under Recommends:. For Debian Edu,
> I slightly disagree with that, as we in Debian Edu really need some
> package to get installed with our blends edu-task packages.

We started by using depends.  This proved a disaster, as the meta
packages would be close to impossible to keep in testing.  It would be
thrown out or blocked from entering testing whenever any of the more
than 1000 packages we want had a RC problem.

After struggling with this for a few years, we decided to use recommends

Perhaps we can make some packages 'key' to the tasks, and raise their
priority that way?  It might be a better idea than making lots of
packages dependencies of the metapackages.  Key packages in the task
could be dependencies in the metapackage.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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