Petter Reinholdtsen <> writes:
> What about doing it the other way around, and change behaviour of
> blends-dev for the tasks with a format line and leave the old behaviour
> as it is for those without it?  This will be more like debhelper
> compatiblity levels, and we can handle many different behaviours without
> breaking existing packages.

I think we should keep the (countable) number of blends using all the
same format, and just provide a conflictless upgrade path.

> This way the debian-edu package could set 'Format: .../format/2' or
> similar to get the new behaviour, and the others might migrate at their
> own leisure.

We are moving forward everywhere: Python 2 is slowly phased out, gcc 6
was just replaced by gcc 7 etc. As long as there is no real use case to
keep the old format, I would strongly recommend to force all to the new
one.  The change is trivial enough IMO. If required, NMUs are simple as

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