Alper Nebi Yasak <> (2022-12-14):
> Thanks for the upload, and for the tracker subscription tip. I filter
> debian-boot@ into a folder that I do try to read, but a way that could
> notify me more prominently could be better.

ACK. :)

> It's only created if depthcharge-tools-installer/board is set. That
> template is not asked as a user-visible question, but can be set via a
> preseed file or in the kernel command line [1]. I do the latter for
> testing things in a VM, and meant that by 'preseed'.
> [1] Using boot parameters to preseed questions

Alright then, that's totally fine!

> I tried to match what base-installer does [2]. In general, I think it's
> better to prefer config.d mechanisms over modifying the config files, to
> avoid conffile conflicts if/when the defaults change later on.
> [2] base-installer initramfs-tools driver inclusion policy handling

OK, that's totally fair. I don't think I've ever toyed with that option
in d-i, let alone looked at the implementation. Fine then!

> Outdated comment that I missed. There's also cros_efi and cros_legacy,
> but they are included in some (apparently broken) GRUB/syslinux .cfg
> files to tell ChromeOS that we're not using its verified boot method. I
> used to check for them until I figured out it doesn't make sense to.

OK. That was really minor/uninteresting anyway.

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