Hallo Holger,

Holger Wansing <hwans...@mailbox.org> (2022-12-13):
> I have added a hint into the templates.pot file for these packages, to
> make translators, who get the file, aware of the special situation and
> uncommon workflow.
> And since a source-only upload is needed anyway to get them migrated
> to unstable, I wanted to upload that change, but I forgot that I have
> no upload rights for these new packages currently.

I don't think you should do that before they've been accepted from NEW?

> Kibi, could you provide me with the needed upload rights?

I've added both packages to your UID's ACL via the right commands file
but I'm not sure that's going to be successful since those are unknown
packages at the moment. We'll see.

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