Cyril Brulebois <k...@debian.org> wrote (Mon, 12 Dec 2022 01:15:49 +0100):
> It might make sense to have some kind of review of the translatable
> material before hooking it up with the l10n sync machinery, so that
> translators don't have to submit an initial translation that might get
> outdated if some strings get marked fuzzy shortly afterwards. I think
> debian-l10n-english@ might have been put in the loop in the past, but it's
> been a while since I was involved with l10n efforts.
> Regarding adding that package to the l10n sync mechanism, I suppose it
> could be done as soon as such a review has happened, we only need to make
> sure we don't add the package to the list of packages that count for the
> l10n stats (and the resulting translation-status file that helps d-i
> display a warning if a translation isn't complete enough). But I'll defer
> to Holger Wansing entirely, who knows about that much more than I do.

Personally, I would prefer to not introduce new strings to the l10n-sync 
machinery at all that late in the development cycle (1 month until the first
freeze step).
So releasing bookworm with depthcharge-tools-installer and partman-cros
as english-only would be the way to go (as I have already mentioned some
days ago).

Another aspect:
partman-hfs has shown, that the addition of a new package (which has 
translatable material) to the archive leads to translators starting their
work immediately.
At least for some languages, the translation teams are very active and 
they see the new package coming in and appearing on their l10n statistics
page (like https://www.debian.org/international/l10n/po-debconf/fr#i18n),
so work starts.

For d-i packages however, that's not good, since it leads to unnecessary
work for translators (that's because we have a significant amount of
strings which are shared between packages like the partman-xyz ones,
therefore those strings will not have to be translated for every single
package separately. That's what the l10n-sync machinery does: sharing
the translations over the several packages.)

Therefore, I will sent a notice to debian-i18n, to warn translators from
working directly on depthcharge-tools-installer and partman-cros.


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