Am 13. Dezember 2022 20:25:35 MEZ schrieb Cyril Brulebois <>:
>> And since a source-only upload is needed anyway to get them migrated
>> to unstable, I wanted to upload that change, but I forgot that I have
>> no upload rights for these new packages currently.
>I don't think you should do that before they've been accepted from NEW?

Ah, yes, you are right.
I mixed things up here:
those packages will come into unstable, if they are processed by ftpmaster in 
NEW queue.
But they will then not migrate to testing automatically.
For that, a source-only upload is needed.

Ok, so we have some time here...

>> Kibi, could you provide me with the needed upload rights?
>I've added both packages to your UID's ACL via the right commands file
>but I'm not sure that's going to be successful since those are unknown
>packages at the moment. We'll see.

Ok, thanks.


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