On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 12:46:57PM -0500, william l-k wrote:
> As stated in the subject heading, report builder is working in 1:5.4.1-2 from
> libreoffice.org.

There is no "deb for 1:5.4.1-2 from www.libreoffice.org".

> The deb package was missing the mysql connector extension, and the one from
> extensions.libreoffice.org didn't work, so I needed a symbolic link
> /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/extensions/mysql-connector-ooo in
> /opt/libreoffice5.4/share/extensions to get this working.

Huh? I don't get what you wan to say here.

The mysql connector extension OF COURSE is not in -report-builder. But
in libreoffice-mysql-connector. And Debian has it.



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