* Axel Sommerfeldt <axel.sommerfe...@f-m.fm> [2018-04-14 22:07]:
> Just a reminder that this bug is still a thing. And yes, the model can be 
> found in uLinux.conf:

Ian, do you think it's worth asking the release team if they'd allow
an update for this in stable?  Since stretch is likely to be the last
version to support these devices, it might be worth it.  OTOH, since
it's easy to fix by users, it might not be worth pushing more code in.

Getting the right device from /etc/mtdblock5 is easy, but I've no idea
how to change the config based on that.

Maybe the right thing to do would be to put an update into stable
documenting this issue properly.  This shouldn't be too controversial
for the stable release team.

Ian, it seems the git repo is out of date (has 0.5.5-2 while unstable
has 0.5.5-3).  The VCS headers are out of date too now with Salsa.

And debian/README.Debian says there's no daemon mode...

(My web site doesn't mention this issue either.)

> BTW: Martin, thanks a lot for all the work. Having Debian on a qnap really 
> rocks.

You're welcome.  Ian Campbell has been doing all of the qcontrol work
and I'm not doing much apart from responding to some email. :/

Martin Michlmayr

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