Philip Hands dijo [Sat, Feb 03, 2018 at 10:22:19PM +0100]:
> On Sat, 03 Feb 2018, "Kingsley G. Morse Jr." <> wrote:
> > Package: tech-ctte
> I don't formally have the right to simply close this bug (as I am now
> doing), so if anyone else on the TC thinks there is any merit whatsoever
> in this bug report, please feel free to reopen it.
> Cheers, Phil.

Thanks for swiftly doing this, Phil.

Kingsley, answering to your point: The Technical Committee is not an
investigative body. If you want us to devote countless hours, as the
TC back in 2013-14 did, and expose to endless flaming again... Please
back your request with:

- Enough RC bugs (or evidence of regressions, could even be links to
  blog posts from people complaining about how systemd is bad or

- Clear reasons why the outlook back in 2014 should need to be
  reevaluated; "enough time has passed" is not a reason.

I clearly agree with Phil closing this bug.

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