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On Thu 09 Aug 2018 at 09:19pm +0200, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:

> ]] Sean Whitton
>> The general question about which I am seeking advice: does the
>> T.C. think that Debian can be consistent on service (re)starts in
>> maintscripts, or is the best we can do to leave it up to package
>> maintainer discretion?
> I think we can give advice on what the default should be and that people
> should not stray from that unless they have particular reasons.  That
> advice might be more appropriate for the developers reference than
> policy, though.

I disagree -- it's about the contents of packages, so it should go into
Policy.  We can make it a recommendation rather than a requirement.

> Due to the variety and complexity of daemons in the archive, I would be
> reluctant to require complete consistency, there are likely various edge
> cases we have not thought about.

It would be useful to write something like this into Policy, rather than
it remaining silent on the issue.  It would be a fine resolution for the
Policy bug in question.

Sean Whitton

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