Package: tech-ctte
Severity: normal
Control: block 970717 by -1

Dear Technical Committee,

Apologies that we were not able to resolve the problem without your help.

I seek your judgement regarding excessive, unnecessary and unjustifiable
vendoring of private libraries in Kubernetes package:

Some relevant argumentation can be found in

In short, myself and Golang packaging team spent years on stabilising
Golang ecosystem of packaged libraries for re-use by Golang software.

To the best of my knowledge, all packaged Golang software, regardless of its 
sophistication, use some packages libraries.
Except Kubernetes, that disconnected itself from cooperation by not using any 
packaged libraries, instead exclusively using only private libraries in 
numbers greater than any Debian package ever used.

As a former Kubernetes maintainer and a developer who originally introduced
Kubernetes to Debian, I know that it could be maintained with only few (or 
several) private libraries at most.

Current state of Kubernetes package is in violation of ftp-master's policy 
for inclusion of new packages to Debian.

Thank you.

This matter is not urgent.

 Dmitry Smirnov


We do our friends no favors by pretending not to notice flaws in their
work, especially when those who are not their friends are bound to notice
these same flaws.
    -- Sam Harris

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