On Thursday, 22 October 2020 2:16:16 AM AEDT Sean Whitton wrote:
> I think that we can all agree with everything you've written about the
> reasons why packaging components separately is better. 

Thank you.

> The problem is
> that in this case the choice seems to be between not having recent
> Kubernetes in Debian at all, or giving up on some of those advantages.

Ultimately it is about maintainers comfort then. Because there is a 
compromise to un-vendor most libraries (one by one) and keep some/few 
strategically vendored, when a system library can not be used (determined 
case by case).

Examples of this approach are numerous: syncthing, consul, nomad, vault, 
docker.io, runc, gitlab-runner, libpod, buildah, singularity-container
and _most_ Golang packages.

Kubernetes had no maintainer - that was the problem. Having maintainer who
does not care for shared libraries because he does not want to be bothered
is a different problem.

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