On 26/05/2023 09:24, Luca Boccassi wrote:
On Fri, 26 May 2023 at 08:39, Matthew Vernon <matt...@debian.org> wrote:

Consider: it is consistent to believe that it would have been better for
dpkg not to have had that warning added (quite some time ago now), but
that by now most derivatives that care will likely have patched it out
again (mitigating the harm); and if the current work on dpkg is allowed
to run its course then the warning will probably go away anyway.

That assumes all derivatives track unstable/testing and have taken
action, but it is possible for derivatives to track stable only, and
those would be broken.

I agree such distributions would be left with a confusing disagreement between the release notes "only /usg-merged systems are supported" and dpkg's warning. I agree this isn't ideal; but the release notes will mitigate the risk to such derivatives.

And as I said up-thread (and I'm trying not to repeat myself too much), I'm not sure why this is suddenly urgent so late in the release cycle, nor that we wouldn't be better off working on fixing the issues around dpkg and /usr-merge (which some people are currently doing).



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