so people noticed this discussion and brought it up on #blendercoders,
where I just had a tiny chat. It looks like they agreed that the ffmpeg
situation is quite unfortunate (that's the most problematic external
embedded library we both could think of), but there are some technical
stuff that kind-of justifies that (testing and debugging under Windows
seems to be uneasy because of ffmpeg's policy/compiler support).

From a security point of view, it was reaffirmed that it really isn't
the priority, but patches might be considered as time permits. I guess
that's where having some cross-distro effort would help sharing patches
pending their possible inclusion upstream, and I might set this up (I
already have a few persons from various distributions in head).

Bottom-line: provided a solution to the ffmpeg issue is found, I might
be feasible to keep on maintaining it. I guess I'm just going to move
from 2.49 to 2.49a for the time being, and possibly set up some
autobuilders to help find build issues early, thus sustaining the
upstream effort.

Thanks all for your feedback.


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