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El 01/08/2009 a las 22:40 escribiste:
> So: what should I do? I'm thinking about orphaning the package as a
> first step, and if nobody takes care of it as much as it is needed,
> just remove it from the distribution. Packaging would still be
> available in a git repository, so if someone sometime picks it up,
> it should be quite easy not to start from scratch again.

Given the points you listed before, its understandable if you prefer to dedicate
your time to any other activity and orphan blender. Although, it might be
interesting to work together with the maintainers of other distros to maintain
a set of common patches to improve the integration of blender and linux

I think that the project http://vcs-pkg.org/ could fit nicelly in this case,
that is, if you still want to spend your time with blender, of course.

"UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to
understand the simplicity." -- Dennis Ritchie
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