Quoting Cyril Brulebois (k...@debian.org):

> 4) http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.blender.devel/19895
> Patch to add support for system-wide FTGL. I kind of get flamed for
> thinking about using something else than what blender provides. And
> who cares about shared libraries anyway, they are dangerous. If you
> want to have a good idea of what blender folks think about being
> distributed, you want to read that thread.

That one shows the problem clearly enough. Blender folks are not
interested in using system-wide libs *at all*. They apparently prefer
using their own private (and buggy....Sam made the point very clear)
version of a library, on the vague assumption that, as libraries
change their API without warning, they're bad.

I'm anything but a specialist in this area, but my understanding is
that this is what sonames are about..:-). Anyway, in 2009, such
reasoning is....awfully flawed. 

Just drop that blender thing and announce this loudly enough,
preferrably by coordinating with other distro maintainers. That will
eventually trigger a fork from people who have a more collaborative
way of thinking. After all, to my understanding, this blender stuff is
kinda widely used in 3D modelling, right?

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