Quoting Cyril Brulebois (k...@debian.org):

> So: what should I do? I'm thinking about orphaning the package as a
> first step, and if nobody takes care of it as much as it is needed,
> just remove it from the distribution. Packaging would still be
> available in a git repository, so if someone sometime picks it up,
> it should be quite easy not to start from scratch again.

I would personnally ask for it to be removed from the archive
(assuming that's easily feasible witouht breakign anything else). A
non-cooperative upstream wrt distribution and integration is a no-no
and you'll waste too much valuable time in maintaining that package.

Of course, being the arse that I am, I would *also* craft a mail to
upstream mailing lists with a careful explanation about the reasons
leading to the package being abandoned. Something like "Debian stops
distributing Blender! as cooperation is impossible to make it fit
within a distro". Coordinating this with Ubuntu would even have more

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