Missatge de Bastian Blank <wa...@debian.org> del dia dt., 13 d’ag.
2019 a les 11:51:
> Hi folks
> salsa.debian.org is partially down for now.  Especially everything that
> concerns Salsa CI.
> Someone decided to inject a few thousand CI jobs using Salsa CI
> yesterday evening.  Since then the system is not longer at 50% load, but
> at a 100%.  It turns out that the configured amount of concurrency in CI
> builds can't be handled by the current available system resources.
> This now affects all user access to salsa.debian.org.  So we disabled
> access to all the Salsa CI stuff for now, which will make everything
> using it fail.
> We have to discuss first how we can go forward.

Those are very bad news. I hope that can be recovered soon. If you
need more resources to be able to handle more jobs or longer timeouts,
please let DPL know so more resources can be added.

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